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Tyler McMahon

52535 Range Road  215 
Canada T8E 2J4

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If your looking for an exciting experience and an opportunity to get a big trophy, our elk rut hunt is for you. We offer a limited amount elk hunts. You will have the opportunity to see a number of bulls over the 6 point minimum. Elk hunting is increasing in popularity every year.  Elk numbers have grown in the last years. These elk hunts take place in heavy terrain. These are not migrating elk or park boundaries our elk are resident elk and use the same areas every year. If you are looking for a hunt of a life time join Sherwood Outfitters on this adventure.

Moose hunts are conducted during the prime rut times, from mid-September to the end of October, when the animals are responding to calling. This helps ensure the success of the hunter. 50 & 55 inches is roughly the average size moose in the area. However, moose in the 60-inch range have been taken yearly!  These hunts also can take place in the same heavy terrain as our Elk hunts.  


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