You will be staying in a remote camp in our tent/cabins complete with cots and woodstoves for heat. A shower will be available as well. The kitchen will be the central point of the camp and will be run by our accomplished cooking staff.

Included in black bear hunts: 
• Meals and lodging during the hunt
• Transportation to and from Edmonton, Alberta.
• Guide services and preparation of trophies for travel.
Not Included in black bear hunts: 
• Airfare to/from Edmonton, Alberta
• Taxidermy, shipping of trophies and meat 
• Personal items including alcohol, tobacco…
• Accommodation before and after the hunt


We target big mature boars in the 6 foot plus range. During your week of spring bear hunting you can expect to see numerous bears, and you have great opportunity for a colored bear. Our area has all the color phases of the black bear species, and we take an astonishing number of colored bears every year! Since we have a 2 bear limit you can double your chance at taking a real trophy black bear. Success rate on the first bear has typically been 100%. Wolf and Coyote will be hunted as animals of opportunity. Expect a very high success rate on excellent bears!


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