One of the finest bighorn hunts in Alberta! We take a total of 4 sheep hunters per year! Most rams taken are in the mid-160 B&C class with some over 170 being taken each season.

Sherwood Outfitters


Big HOrn Sheep

We target big mature boars in the 6 foot plus range. During your week of spring bear hunting you can expect to see numerous bears, and you have great opportunity for a colored bear.‚Äč

Tyler, Tom Schmidt here with a quick note on my recent bear hunt experience. I was the tall fella with Dave Boeding, his brother & son. I wanted to let you know that I had an AWESOME time at your camp. Great people, excellent food ( I ate like a fricken' pig) and nice hunting accommodations. Easily, one of the best hunting trips of my life. The fellas and Lois were very friendly and helpful on my first bear trip. Brennan was especially helpful and a great young guy to have around. I hope to have him as a guide next time I can come up. I am looking forward to another adventure at your camp. Please tell Greg and Lois a special "thanks" for the excellent company and friendship. Best Regards, Tom Schmidt